Superannuation Tax Return Checklist

Superannuation Tax Return

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Information Information provided Not applicable
Bank Statements
Bank statements for the period 1 July – 30 June
Details of all deposits and withdrawals
Cheque book butts and deposit books
Details of rent, leasing or hiring income
Maturity notices for term deposits
Distribution statement from trusts
Dividend statements
Statements of returns of capital (from shares)
Contract notes and settlement statements for any shares purchased
Sell notes and settlement statements for shares sold (include original contract notes, if possible)
Confirmation of units purchased in managed funds
Sell notes for units in managed funds sold (include original purchase notes if possible)
Managed funds distribution statements, annual tax statements and capital gains statements
Any off-market transfer forms for any in specie contributions
Confirmation of purchase in forestry managed investment schemes
Annual tax statements for investments in forestry managed investment schemes
Any investments acquired from members or their associates during the income year
Any investments in related parties, including any outstanding distributions to be received
Any other investment assets purchased and sold
Contributions Received
Records of all employer contributions (including salary-sacrifice contributions)
Records of any after-tax contributions (eg personal contributions)
Records of any contributions where no tax file number (TFN) was quoted
Written notices from members stating intention to claim deductions for their personal contributions
Acknowledgement notices by trustee to members confirming receipt of notices for personal contributions
Details of inward roll-overs
Details of outward roll-overs
Insurance Policies
Copies of annual life insurance policy provided for members
Copies of death or disability policy provided for members
Benefits Paid
Copies of any lump sum benefits paid to members
Details of pensions paid to members, including copies of PAYG summaries, if applicable
Common Deductions
Death or disability premiums
Actuarial costs, accountancy fees and audit fees
Investment expenses, including nature of the expenses
Management and administrative expenses, including nature of the expenses
Other Information
Details of any derivatives and instalment warrants entered into
Auditor’s report for the previous financial year
Copies of Instalment Activity Statements and/or Business Activity Statements lodged for the income year
Copies of minutes of meetings
Copies of trustee declarations for any new trustees, or directors of corporate trustees
Copy of investment strategy
Record of all members as at 30 June 20__
Notice of superannuation contributions for self-employed persons
Details of any mergers with other superannuation funds
If you have any doubt about any income or expenses you have received or incurred, bring the documents in with you
Any other information that you think is relevant