Finance April 2011

How to read rates?

 Are you like most borrowers, looking to ensure you are on the best rate? One way to stop worrying is to fix some or all of your loan.

 Mortgage brokers are continually checking the best rates available for their clients. We have found a 3 year fixed rate of 7.15%  (comparison rate of 7.34%).

This is with Police and nurses credit. They offer great variable rates too , so you could split your risk with a variable rate of 6.99% and a fixed portion of 7.15% for 3 years. 7.15% is less that many borrower are paying on their current variable loans. So you will be ahead from day one – and if rates rise your savings will increase.

 If you would like to have a no obligation confidential review of your borrowings call Dan Goodridge on 0414423340 . Mercia Mortgage brokers.

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