Finance Newsletter – July 2017

What’s going on with interest rates?

With the current changing market conditions how do you know if you  have the best rate available for your home and investment loans?

You may have noticed a Difference between home loan and investment loan rates? You might be able to save thousands per year in interest by reassessing your current loans. It costs nothing to find out.

If your interest rate is over 3.79% variable then you may be able to save by changing loans and or banks. I have access to a major bank that is currently offering customers a 3.79% variable rate. This NOT a honeymoon rate, discount is for the life of the loan. Conditions apply – owner occupied homes only, principal and interest payments, minimum loan $250 000, 80% LVR maximum – No application fee. If you are interested in saving thousands per year call Mercia finance to see if we can show you how to benefit from a better rate. We can also show you some great fixed rates and investment loan discounts. An example of what the above may mean to you – an average mortgage of $450 000 at the average big bank discounted rate of 4.4% = an annual interest saving of $3 105 per year. I may cost you little or nothing to get this rate for your mortgage – find out today.

Investors will have read that most banks are increasing the rate on investment loans. This includes current investment loans. If you are a property investor check your rates and find out if these increases apply to you.

If you are not sure, ask Mercia finance for an obligation free loan check. Some institutions are not increasing the rates for investors. A major bank is currently offering investors a rate of 4.19% variable for principal and interest loans up to 90%. Today is a good time to make sure you have the best loan for your circumstances.

If you have questions regarding any type of loan, call Dan Goodridge on 04144 233 40. Our service is free of charge to you the borrower and we have access to all the major lenders in WA. Call us anytime. After hours is OK.

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