Home Finance Services Includes:

Mercia Finance provide a diverse range of services. These services are provided to you, the borrower, at no cost. The bank products we offer are identical the products banks offer over the counter in every way. Interest rates, fees and charges are the same if you use a broker or go to the bank direct.
It’s impossible to go to all the banks to ensure you get the best deal – so let us do that for you.
There are a number of reasons you may benefit by using a broker instead of trying all the banks yourself – these benefits include –

  • The Bank may not offer you their best / most economical product.
  • The Bank may not allow you to borrow in the structure you propose. Mortgage brokers can find the best way to allow you to borrow what you want at the best rate
  • You current bank will not tell you another institution will give you a better deal. A mortgage broker will.
  • A mortgage broker will arrange your loan, liaise with the bank on your behalf and do all the paperwork – for free.
  • If you are refused a loan by one bank, there may be another bank that would welcome your business – the bank won’t tell you that – only a mortgage broker will. All lending institutions have different lending criteria. A mortgage broker will know which bank will be able to help you.
  • A mortgage broker can probably help you save on your current loan, you may not even need to change banks. You don’t have to buying a home to benefit from talking to a mortgage broker.
  • We can give you advice on fixing rates, investment loans and how to pay off your home / investment sooner.
  • We can help you structure your loan to ensure its tax effective.

Home Loan Services Include:

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low deposit home loans
– Not everyone has savings in the bank, most of us earn a good income but always seem to spend it, and that’s OK. We have access to LOW deposit home loans, these are designed so that you can take advantage of a growing market and buy right now with no savings plan or much money in the bank getting you into a home of your own sooner.
Residential Property Mortgages
At the moment there are many different residential home loans on the market. With over 44 lenders you can chose from with each lender having over 5 different loan products, it makes it pretty hard for you to go out and get the right home loan by yourself. That’s where we can help; the team at MHL is dedicated to finding our clients the best home loan and taking away all the unnecessary worry.
Investment Finance
If you already own a home, Mercia can help you invest using the equity in your home to increase your financial growth. Not many people realize what they can do to reduce the length of their home loan by simply investing in a 2nd property and the cost of owning a 2nd house is minimal. This can be done from as little as $30 per week.
Refinance & Consolidation
Are you really happy with your current mortgage? Is there a mortgage that suits you better?
Why not let Mercia take a look at your current situation and give some un bias advice.
We have found in the past that some clients struggle to pay off credit cards, personal loan and motor vehicle debts that are often at high interest rates.
We can help consolidate these debts reducing your monthly outgoing giving you a healthier lifestyle or enabling you to invest further.
Commercial Loans
We have arranged loans for land subdivision, office, industrial, retail and rural commercial property. We have the experience together with our in house tax consultants to arrange the right loan for you.
Reverse mortgages
We have accredited Reverse mortgage consultants. These loans are government regulated, compatible with centerlink recipients and are changing the lives of older Australian in a positive way. If you or a friend would like to know more about this product call for an obligation free chat.

We can also help you with

  • Equipment Loans over $20,000
  • Car Loans
  • Personal loans

Linrod Investments Pty Ltd as trustee holds a Credit Licence Number: 389618

Mercia Home Loan represents many Lenders

We represent many lenders, not only the big 4, NAB, ANZ, CBA and Westpac, but many other lenders that may be more competitive,  this broad spread of options offers an unbeatable and unbiased coverage of loans. You pay us nothing for this service as the banks pay us for our time.

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