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ABS– Australian Bureau of Statistics

Ag Dept – Department of Agriculture and food

Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA)APRA supervises complying superannuation funds other than Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (supervised by the Australian Taxation Office).

ASIC – Australian Securities and Investments Commission – Set up under and administer the ASIC Act and administer and enforce the Corporations Act.

ASX – the ASX groupis- a multi-asset class, primary & secondary markets for raising, allocation and hedging of capital flows, trading and price discovery (ASX); transfers via subsidiaries of ASX Clearing Corporation); and securities settlement via subsidiaries of ASX Settlement Corporation.

Bankruptcy – Info from the Federal Magistrates Court, other practical advice can be found from <professionals> in the area.

Building Commission of WA – regulates building and construction in WA, builders, trades etc

Business in Australia – Offical Government website, for other useful info for businesses see:

–  Starting a Business or a Contracting  Business – a brief guide to begin your Contracting/Small Business.

–  Setting up a Business Name or Company Name.

Businesses Agents (for buyers and sellers) – GMO;

Business Name Registration WA – To register a new business name in WA, Business Name Cancellation WA, (To cancel a business name when it is not longer in use)  Business Name Change of Details WA (To change the ownership of the business name or chnage of address and other details) Business Names Registration / Amendments

Company ($2 Private Company Owner, director loans) – some Asset Protection issues.

Contracting – Basics if your New to Contracting/business.

Depreciation – When yoo buy products and even services that are Fixed Assets you can claim a tax deduction based over the life of the Fixed Asset or maybe even in the year you pay for it.

Document Download –  is a useful website for a starting point for a precedent, checklist, guide, etc.

Employing people – see the SBDC to get started

Foreign Exchange Rates – Yahoo

Grants – for small business, see SBDC

Landgate – Gateway to Western Australia’s Land and Property Information

Mining & Exploration & Government – Australia’s (Australasia’s) comprehensive mining industry site covering exploration through to mining, processing and transport including company news and Minerals Council of Australia – Government website representing Australia’s exploration, mining and minerals processing industry, nationally and internationally. Mines Dept of WA  (Mines & Petroleum) – State’s lead agency in attracting private investment in resources exploration and development and regulation.

Patents Trademarks Designs Real Estate Institute of Western Australia – Real Estate & Property search for Perth & Western Australia. Homes for sale, rental properties, land for sale, find a real estate agent...

Personal Services Income – Special rules that apply to persons generating income from their personal services, their skills, expertise and or labour.

Treasury administerssimilar function for Australia

Trusts – What is a trust

Wage Line and Employing people see the SBDC to get started.

What Product – General info on products and services useful for accountants

West Australian Planning Commission – Land, Buildings Infrastructure etc…

Workers Compensation Guidelines

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