Instruction Forms

If you’re new to Mercia, then simply choose from one of our forms below to instruct us to do a specific job for you. If you simply want to appoint us as a Tax Agent or Accountant, then click on the New Client Form below and email it to us.

Forms are listed in alphabetical order.


ABN Registration / Set up – This is an On-line Form (mobile compatible)

Advanced Health Directive Set Up  Advanced Health Directive Explained

Bare Trust Deed (SMSF Borrowing) – Creates a Bare Trust Deed

Company Registration / Set Up – Creates a private or public company on your behalf. <do it on-line here>

Enduring Power of Attorney Set Up Enduring Power Attorney (EPA) Explained

Enduring Power Guardianship Set Up Enduring Power Guardianship Explained

Engagement Letter – New Client Engagement Letter

Engagement Letter – Existing Client Engagement Letter

Engagement Brochure – New Individual Client Engagement Brochure

Family Trust Set Up  (otherwise known as a Discretionary Trust). <do it on-line here>

Income Protection Application – This is an On-line Form (mobile compatible)

Loan Application Form – This is an On-line Form (mobile compatible)

New Client Form  – <Word Doc> <PDF> – use this form to appoint us as your Accountant/Tax Agent

Personal Protection Application  – This is an On-line Form (mobile compatible)

Super Fund – SMSF Set Up – Creates a SMSF, contact us to find out more. <do it on-line here>

Tax Return Form – This is an On-line Form (mobile compatible)

Tax Return for Existing Clients – This is an On-line Form (mobile compatible)

Testamentary Trusts/Complicated Will – set up – Testamentary Trusts can be compared to a family trust except that it comes into existence when a person is deceased. To understand more read this <explanation sheet>.

Unit Trust   Set Up – use this form to engage us to set up a unit trust. <do it on-line here>

Will – Set Up a Will –  Wills explained, see above for Testamentary Trusts/Complicated Wills

Will Deposit – Application to lodge with the public trustee

Simply complete the form and email it to us.

To ask a question about any of our forms please contact us

For Fees and charges please contact us.