Info – Free downloads

Use are free templates to assist you in preparing your records to present to us in a way that saves us time and you fees! note our disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

Balance Sheet (Personal) – Used by clients wishing to estimate their assets and liabilities for general purposes.

Cash flow (GST Monthly) – shows you  how to record the deposits and payments from your bank/credit card statements. Study this free download, try one bank statement, then call you accountant to confirm your understanding.

Chart of accounts – – for the standard description/chart of accounts. Use these descriptions and write next to each payment or deposit on your credit card/bank statement copy, use pivot tables to make totals for the financial year to make our tax lodgement more efficient.

Investment Strategies for SMSFs – Example 1 (2013) Example 2, Example 3– S708(8)(c) and S761G(7)(c) of the Corp’s Act 2001

Trust Resolution – Determination and distribution of income (Corporate Discretionary Trust Deed, income streaming, modifying trust income to include capital gains, if any). Only clients of Mercia are allowed to use this resolution subject to confirmation in writing by Mercia of the changes or additions made to it prior to the client relying on it for its intended purpose.

The above information is provided as general advice only, it should not be relied upon as it may not be suitable to the readers specific situation, the content has been provided to make the reader more informed in order to have a more productive meeting with the readers adviser, the information may become outdated and not relevant, the reader accepts our <disclaimer & terms of use> by viewing our website.