Financial Facts

Tax, Superannuation & Social Security Rates

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    1. Individual Tax Rates – Residents
    2. Individual Tax Rates – Non-residents
    3. Company Tax Rates
    4. Family Tax Benefit
    5. Income Limit for Maximum Rate of FTB-A
    6. Family Tax Benefit – Part B
    7. Income Limits for FTB-B
    8. Guide to Government Payments
    9. Private Health Insurance Rebate
    10. Child Care Subsidy
    11. Spouse Super Contribution Tax Offset 
    12. Government Super Co-Contribution
    13. First Home Super Saver Scheme
    14. Foreign Resident PAYG Withholding
    15. Motor Vehicle Rates per Business Kilometre
    16. Superannuation Contribution Threshold & Tax Rates
    17. Contribution Caps
    18. Minimum Annual Pension Withdrawal for Super Income Stream
    19. Preservation Rules
    20. Contribution Eligibility & Work Test phase
    21. Preservation Ages for Retirement
    22. ETP Thresholds
    23. Superannuation Lump Sum Benefits
    24. Lump Sum Death Benefits
    25. Life Expectancy 2015 – 2016
    26. Taxed Scheme – Superannuation Pension Phase Tax Rates
    27. Untaxed Scheme – Superannuation Pension Phase Tax Rates
    28. Age pension
    29. Duty on Real Estate
    30. Land Tax
    31. Rental/Building Depreciation

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Page last updated: 21 September 2023