Financial Controller and Bookkeeping Services

How do we deliver our Financial Controller and Bookkeeping services?

Business Turnover $100K to $2M

If you’re in business bookkeeping can be a challenge when you are trying to focus on growing your business at the same time. Its too much to handle yourself, but not enough to justify a full-time bookkeeper or accountant. This is how we can solve your problem.:

  • We call you with a number of questions to determine how your business operates.
  • We arrange a time to come and meet you look at the way you purchase and issue invoices/receipts and collect your income and how you file and pay your expenses – then give you a quote for our bookeeper to come to your office to do the work – its that easy!


Business Turnover $$2M to $10M

If your business has outgrown the expertise of your current bookkeeper and payables/receivables clerks but does not justify a fully qualified and experienced CPA, then use our trained professionals to add value to your month or quarter end accounts to produce a report that can assist you in making better decisions. We can also arrange:

  • Cash Flow Projections – to assist with cashflow management
  • Product or WIP projections – to assist with expansion plans.
  • Budgets and variance reports
  • Specialised Reports.

We are trained in MYOB or Quickbooks with Certified CPA Accounting Practice support. Our experienced bookkeepers come to you, and if they need higher level support, they simply phone us here in the office. This means they are able to work faster and more efficiently than a bookkeeper alone would, and they can do far more for your business .

Think of us as your accounts team and financial controller , at a competitive bookkeeper rate. You get:

  • A free one hour initial appraisal of your existing systems
  • Onsite Support, supported by an MYOB or Quickbooks Certified CPA
  • Monthly P&L analysis by an MYOB or Quickbooks Certified CPA
  • Refined accounts procedures to maximise efficiency
  • A simple step by step procedure for mananging your accounting and tax info
  • Accounts prepared in accordance with relevant Federal and State tax Authorities
  • Improved cashflow forecasting, budgeting & specialised reports sourced from MYOB and Quickbooks.

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