Accountants bill their time, each month we review staff time on each client  job to determine whether the staff has performed to budget.    Our Budget is normally based on the fee last year plus an increase for inflation / wage costs. Where a significant event occurs such as in 2010 the UPE tax law changes, or perhaps a client expansion, then this will involve additional work, and an increased fee.

NEW CLIENTS FROM PREVIOUS ACCOUNTANTS – Where clients are referred to us, on the basis  Accountants are competitive in price, the previous Accountants fee becomes the budget. Sometimes we are able too estimate a different fee  if we think the previous fee was incorrect. After the first years work is completed we can then assess what the true price of the job should be.

NEW CLIENTS AND FIRST ACCOUNTANT APPOINTMENT – Where clients are referred to us and there is no prior years fee as the employment/business/ investment is  new then we need to discuss the job with you to determine a price.

STAFF CHARGE OUT RATES –  Graduate Accountants $100.00 per hour; Intermediate Accountants $140.00-$165.00 per hour;  Manager Accountants  –  $200.00 – $220 per hour, Director $200 – $250.00 per hour. $250 – $350 per hour for advisory work. Often the Senior/manager/director will review your work and do advice work for you, where as the individual tax return and other compliance assignments are performed by accountants at lower charge out rates, thereby cost efficiently carrying out your work.


1. ABN Application – on the basis that you provide our  completed form – $121.00 ($110+$11).

2. Business (consulting & trading businesses) Annual Financial Reports and Income Tax Returns – (Company/Partnership/Trust ) – this includes:
i. accounting software costs
ii. we prepare and lodge with the ATO your quarterly Business activity Statement (BAS),  including quarterly financial management reports
111. End of year Statutory Financial Report; and
iv. Annual Income Tax Return

From 1,760.00 and an additonal $146 – $290pm  incl gst, depending on who does the ongoing bookkeeping and business activity lodgment work and the accuracy of the bookkeeping.

Where your business is  larger, more employees, more issues, more entities including SMSF’s,  inter-company loans, etc then the fees for the main trading entity range from $2,750.00 to $16,500.00, with our largest group fees being around $55,000.00, not including special assignments

3. Company Formation ‘Pty Ltd’ $1,298.00 (%1,180+$118gst) (Excl ABN registration)

4. Company (PSI-personal services income) – Annual Financial Reports and income tax returnson the basis that we receive your quarterly BAS you have lodged and you provide reconciled MYOB or quickbooks software and you are a consultant receiving personal services income – From $1,760.00. An additonal $146 – $290pm  incl gst, depending on who does the ongoing bookkeeping and business activity lodgment work and the accuracy of the bookkeeping.

5. Individual ITR (Income Tax Return) – Basic Salary, interest income, and work related deductions, with the $ amounts written on our checklist – From $297.00 (incl gst $27) in person

6. Legal Fees for a range of legal documents – 110901.AVA.Legal.Fees

7. Overseas Client Individual ITR $385.00 varies (joint $385.00each)  – please <click here>

8. Partnership ITR – (no financial reports) from $880.00 incl gst (based on receiving a summarised list of expenses).

9. Settlement Fees (Property) – AVA.legal.settlement.feesAustralian Institute of Conveyances Fees . Please note our clients will receive a discount if we refer the work to the lawyer/settlement agent. AVA Legal schedule of fees are already reduced.

10. SMSF Annual Financial Reports and ITR’s – starting from $1,650.00.

11. SMSF Audit $605.00 incl gst

12. SMSF Formation – $979.00 incl gst (including ABN registration).

13. Trust Family Formation(or otherwise known as Discretionary Trust) – $720.00 incl gst ($660+$60gst this Excludes ABN registration).

14. Trust Unit Formation – $935.00 incl gst ($850 plus $85gst includes ABN registration).

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