Fees – Overseas Clients

Overseas clients often cannot meet us first before we are engaged and therefore must rely on a referral and good free communication.

We can assist by offering multilingual staff speaking a variety of languages and can liase by qq, msn, skype and other means of communication.

We also understand that we need to liaise with you service providers in Australia to obtain the information we require to prepare income tax returns,  or other statutory returns for you.


Individual Income Tax Return – for a property managed in Australia where we  are required to liaise with a Australian  property manager to obtain the information including bills paid, rent received, together with obtaining records from yourself our fee is $350.+gst. Where the property is jointly owned by two persons, then we can save some time so the tax return fee reduces to  $225+gst for each person, a total of $450+gst.

For Businesses please review our fees and charges.

Yours sincerely

Richard Lambe ,  蓝理查