Cloud Accounting and Add-ons

There has been a lot of press about technology, innovation, computers and robots taking people’s jobs, etc…. This is our view on what all this means.

Cloud computing first milestone was in 1999, followed by Amazon in 2002 and the big change following web2 in 2009 with google and others developing what we know as ‘Apps’. Experts agree that cloud computing will transform the way we do business, however the bottom line is that businesses still need to manage their internal processes and how they will talk to their stakeholders, including customers, suppliers and regulatory authorities, and this is where we continue to play a part.

Cloud technologies are rapidly becoming available to the small to medium business (“SME”) market and we can help you take advantage of this with not only the accounting software but also the Add on software that can transform the way you do business and become more competitive, or keep up with your peers.


Presently the leaders in Australia for Accounting Software, and in no particular order, are MYOB, XERO and QuickBooks, although there are others such as SAASU, etc.

The key is – that these new cloud based software programs are open source which means that they invite other program developers to integrate with them. In past generations it was all about protecting IP, however now it’s about sharing as the more connected you are the more you can do business with others.

MYOB, XERO and QuickBooks as well as others in the last 5 years have spent millions in R&D creating cloud based software that allows their software to integrate with other software known as Add-ons. An Add-on is an additional piece of software that integrates with other software you have so that your business can easily interact with its customers and suppliers and regulatory authorities, thereby increasing the potential for new customers and efficiency’s.

Already the accounting software companies have hundreds of add-ons that help different businesses in different industries deal with making accounting, administration and doing business easier and more fun, yes that’s right, these software programs look beautiful and stylish and can operate on smart phones, iPads and computers. Doctors can now automate the bulk billing function, restaurants can take orders and kitchen staff can see them.

There truly are so many efficiency gains by embracing these technological advances, call us to find out more and how we can help you.