Business Start Up Package

Setting up a business ? then we can help.  For over 20 years we have prospered from our small business clients (whom have also prospered). Now we want to help all new start up small business owners.  By quoting this facebook campaign we will provide anyone starting up a small business with a free BUSINESS START UP PACKAGE valued at $3,850.  Contact us on 08 6214 3900 or 0412356755 or, or to understand more read on.

Often we find that due to a client budget constraints, the client sets up the bookeeping software file and accounts themselves or uses a non accredited bookeeper, resulting in bookkeeping software, accounts and BAS’s that are wrong. We discover this when completing your annual Income Tax Return and Financial Statements. This can be 12-15 months later and because the accounts and BAS’s are wrong we exceed our budget by fixing the errors. This results in a conversation that could have been avoided.

So we thought to ourselves there has to be a better way, and then we came up with our Business Start Up Package, it not only helps new aspiring small business owners with their cashflow at the begining, but enables you to have better reports to help you better in your first year of business.

We know that we can do the Tax Return and Financial Statements on budget if the Setup of the Bookeeping Software was done properly from the start, and BAS’s lodged correctly.

For this reason, after we provide you with advice and you have selected the right entity for your business, we provide the Software Setup/and 1st BAS lodgment for free. We do this because we want to help and ensure we can honour our fee estimate for new aspiring small business owners.


Formation  – Company/Trust – including entity structuring advice – $1,389 – incudes ABN, TFN BAS Registration. Costs are paid to lawyers creating the documents.

Software – (Quick books/Zero/MYOB) from $10pm to $50pm) – costs paid to software suppliers.

Bookeeping/Software/BAS Setup – we setup the software file, link/synchronise to your bank accounts and then create your first Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet including all income, expense, suppliers, customers, invoice template, and other Balance sheet accounts. Then we visit your home or business and create folders on your drive for you to save all your income and expense invoices (date included in file name) so when you or we need them they are easy to find.  Then we review your first BAS, Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet and lodge the first BAS.

  • Cost is $NIL.

Remember, the file must be setup properly. Profit and Loss and Balance sheet must be properly produced from the file being setup correctly. The Profit and Loss and Balance sheet will allow all the correct fields in your Income Tax Return and BAS and other forms to be completed with ease. It’s for these reasons we do this step at the begining correctly by speaking with you about your business and making sure the file is setup right. Getting it right will save you and us time when it comes to prepare the income tax returns and provide you with meaningful business profit reports.

We are thinking long term, after 20 years in business we know what it takes for a business to thrive for the long term. Contact us for our BUSINESS START UP PACKAGE on 08 6214 3900 or 0412356755 or


BAS $154 per quarter

Income Tax Returns and Financial Statements from $1,540 per annum (see below for further details)

Corporate Secretarial Fees $400 per annum including company register and Australian Securities Investment Commission lodgments and company maintenance and annual minutes plus you pay the asic fee directly to asic.

We often succeed in structuring all of our clients so there is no Fringe Benefit Tax Returns to lodge saving you time and money.


  • Entity Setup & Advice & Software Purhase – 1st meeting – We meet you for structuring advice and we then instruct our solicitors to create the Company consitution/Trust Deed and then apply and obtain the ABN, TFN and BAS Registration. The costs of $1,389  are paid to lawyers creating the documents for us and other regulaory body fees. In the same meeting we help you purchase the software (Quickbooks/Xero/MYOB) online.
  • Software Setup – Synchronsig with your bank may require additional steps at a later time.
    • we will contact you if we need you to, this may involve the signing of a bank form by you to synchroise you accounts, setup the bank accounts in the software, then after 24-48hours the bank account paymements and deposits start to appear in your software; then
    • with your authority, we will login as you and invite ourselves as Accountants with full access rights to access your software file. We will then login and setup the software file properly.
  • Chart of Accounts & Supplier & Customer accounts – we will email you our chart of accounts that you use to allocate payments and deposits from your bank account to, the chart of accounts shows you your:
    • Profit and Loss accounts (revenue and expenses) ;
    • Balance Sheet Accounts (Cash and other assets you own and people you owe money to); and
    • Supplier list report – showing all suppliers you currently know you will deal with; and
    • customer list report – showing all customers names you are currently aware of
    • Customer invoice template
  • Matching your payments and deposits in your software from your bank – this is where you start!
    • Once your software is connected to your bank, then your software will automatically receive the bank account details of who paid you and who you paid.
    • When you login to your software you will automatically be asked by the software to match (allocate) the payments and deposits made to your bank account to the accounts we created for you in your software. For example you might have a payment to a supplier, and bank fee withdrawal, or money received from a  customer. In each case you can click review the list and select the correct expense (supplier), the correct income (customer) or other account. Its that simple, if you cant’t find the right account then use the suspense account we create for you and we will move it to the right account when we lodge your first BAS.
  • 1st BAS – We then prepare the first BAS for you, we may ask you to come in so we can show you the corrections we need to make to your file.
    • We login to your software and then any deposits or payments you were unsure of how to allocate and that you have allocated to the suspense account, we will allocate these first.
    • Then after a review and any other chnages we will lodge your first BAS.
  • Training – The correction of the first BAS serves as your last free training session with us, however we are here to cointue to help.
  •  2nd – 4th BAS and Income Tax Return and Financial Statements – we then lodge these for you on an ongoing basis. This is made easy by the above process enabling you/your bookeeper to match your own deposits and payments correctly.

As your business grows we will continue to provide you with advice and referals to our network of professionals that can assist your business grow.

Contact us on 08 6214 3900 or 0412356755 or