Business Advisory

Business advisory is consulting that spans all facets of business including legal, tax, finance, market and risk factors involved in start ups or making significant changes to a business. To provide business advisory often the advisory needs to have been advising on businesses for a number of years and it also helps to have operated businesses, taking board positions is one way, but risking their own capital and making decisions is another level again.

Richard Lambe has been advising businesses for over 15 years and has himself been through a number of businesses that have needed to change, have ceased, and been sold. He has also been a director of a number of businesses including ASX listed, he has helped people start their small business, some have become larger companies that required assistance to raise capital to grow their business or fund projects, he has faced significant challenges both in business and personal and today is able to share both the personal and client business scenarios to help new clients start and build their own businesses.